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Mad Dan Now Available on Apple Store

by Soraya Perezon March 17, 2014
Do you guys remember how GamerFitNation Spain presented Mad Dan some weeks ago? A new game created by an indie Spanish company? I am sure you remember and I am also sure you remember we were going to tell you when the game is released. Said and done!!! Mad Dan is already in Apple store […]

PC vs. Game Consoles

by Soraya Perezon March 17, 2014
Spain has always been a country with plenty of rivalries: politics, soccer, and, in this case, rivalries between gamers. What does this rivalry consist of? Simple: PC versus game consoles. In Spain, many gamers are what we call in Spanish “PeCeros:” people that strongly defend their computers as a the best gaming platform. This makes rivalries between […]

Gaming and Education Join Forces

by Soraya Perezon March 10, 2014
Since video games were first created, they have been blamed for consumers’ bad, antisocial and, many times, violent behavior. This behavior could have been influenced by the “little machines” or maybe they were an easy scapegoat. But are video games only associated with aggressive and antisocial attitudes? Don’t they have any good things to offer? […]

To Dub, or Not to Dub: That is the Question

by Soraya Perezon March 3, 2014
In Spain, English is taught from a very early age. Unfortunately, for personal and professional reasons, many Spaniards can’t understand a movie or a video game in Shakespearean English. It might not seem like a big deal to some of our readers, but let’s not forget that a lot of the international media that Spain consumes […]

Will Titanfall Make Xbox One Sales Rise in Spain?

by Soraya Perezon February 24, 2014
The time has come, and there are just 17 days left until we can enjoy the game of the season: Titanfall. The game is one of the most highly anticipated titles of the year. All gamers with an Xbox 360, Xbox One or a PC will be able to play.  But will Titanfall’s Xbox and PC exclusivity help […]