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Create and Remix Tunes in Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved – #NYCC2014 Interview

Recently, GamerFitNation spoke with Nick Chester of Harmonix on the latest and what appears to be the greatest music game to date. Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved is a game that gives players the opportunity to take control of whatever song they choose and mix it to their heart’s desires. A chance to be a real life […]
Health 2.0 Conference

Health 2.0 Conference to Feature Ten New Digital Health Companies

Recently, it was announced that the annual Health 2.0 conference, held in Santa Clara, California, will showcase ten new digital health companies. These companies will be showcasing their newest technologies at the annual Launch! session of the conference. The conference starts September 21 and goes until September 24. According to the Health 2.0 website, the finalists this […]

Destiny Launches

Destiny Launches Successfully, On Track to Become Billion Dollar Franchise

September 9 is a day that can only be remembered in one word: Destiny. That’s right! You heard it here, folks! Destiny has finally launched and with it the $500 million that Activision had invested into the game. Many people thought (myself included) that putting that much behind a franchise that had yet to prove […]

Persona Q 3DS XL Limited Edition Coming to the U.S.

Nintendo of America has recently announced a Persona Q 3DS XL. This 3DS, which will launch for the price point of $199.99, will be available at GameStop exclusively. It’s a limited exclusive, which will utilize Persona-themed characters designed around the exterior or the device. “The design evokes the essence of Persona Q with the iconic Grimoire styling […]

E3 2014

E3 2014: The Wii U’s Success Rides on Nintendo’s Offerings

Nintendo is home to many storied franchises like the The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Star Fox and F-Zero. However, since the release of the Wii U, Nintendo’s latest console hasn’t been able to take the console market by storm like its predecessor. The Wii U, which had a one year head start over its […]