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Card Games: Electronic VS Physical

by ZackCon November 1, 2013
Card games that are electronic still have the same attractions as their physical counterparts.  The physical versions allow players to collect the cards, and they allow players to follow the rules exactly.  The electronic version of card games allow players to do the same thing as the physical version, as well as allowing players to […]

Problems with Online Multiplayer

by ZackCon October 31, 2013
Why GTA5 is not as bad as SimCity Recently, there have been issues with games and their online multiplayer functionality.  The launch of SimCity was a very bad one, and Grand Theft Auto 5 has also had some issues.  The difference between these two games and their issues was that while one wouldn’t let you […]


The Timeliness of DLC

by ZackCon October 27, 2013
The Timeliness of DLC When a big AAA video game comes out, developers frequently have ideas for what they want to do with Downloadable Content. This means that when the game releases, developers are already working on creating some Downloadable Content, but the question of when the DLC will be released to the public has […]
world of tanks

World of Tanks at PAX 2013

by ZackCon September 12, 2013
I got a chance to play the console version of World of Tanks, which will be coming to the Xbox 360, but is currently only in closed beta. While I have been a fan of the PC version of the game for a while now, I was interested to see how the console version differs […]

Just Dance 2014

Just Dance 2014 at PAX Prime 2013

by ZackCon September 12, 2013
I got a chance to play Just Dance 2014 for the Wii at PAX Prime. The game is very much like the other games in the Just Dance franchise. Not much has changed with the game, but the playlist and game modes have been updated. Just Dance 2014 looks like it will continue the tradition […]