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Bringing the Old, Back into the New

by onDecember 4, 2012

The video game community often demands that old content be redone so that it can be played in the new iteration of whatever that game was.  Prime examples of this would be maps from shooters, or old game modes.  The problem with this is that people are remembering something that was riddled with problems, such as old games they want redone.  But the biggest problem with the demands for old content is that we want it now, and games, maps, and game modes take time to create.  We have created an impossible goal for the developer to achieve. If the community just takes a breath and relaxes, the developers will bring back the good stuff in due time.

The gaming community can be very needy when it comes to content for their video games.  One of the best examples of this are demands for multi-player maps for online play in first person shooters (FPS).  Whenever a new Halo or a new Call of Duty comes out there is always an outcry for the old maps to be brought back.  This happens for mostly one reason, and that is that gamers are huge fans of those past maps and they want to keep playing them in the current game.  Developers will sometimes bring back old maps, and most of the time they bring back the maps that are most popular, but they want to put their own spin on these old maps.  An example of this would be Blood Gulch from the original Halo, there has been a version of Blood Gulch in every Halo game but everyone has been slightly different. 

When there is a desire for a game to be redone or a level to be remade, I feel that the people who are yearn for  this, simply want the game to be remade like they remember.  This is because when replayed, most games do not hold up well.  On the other hand, if the desired game could be remade, then the game could be really cool.

There is however a problem with these demands for old maps and games, and that is that gamers want it now.  Unless the developer is already working on the map or the game, it will take a while for it to be released.  Maps take less time to create then a game would, but they still take a while to put together and make it balanced.  Games are another story altogether. The developer needs to put together a team and then get all the correct rights to the game, so that they can even start to make the game.  We as gamers don’t want to wait.  We have seen what people can create, look at mods for games; they are typically put together by not many people and are well mostly well done.  But for a full game that has been debugged properly it can take a long time.

I preach patience with demanding new content.  Most of the time when there is something that is good, and there is enough demand for it, developers will make it.  When it comes to maps, a lot of the time they will release a version of the desired map as downloadable content at a later date.  For games, again just relax; if enough interest is shown in a remake of a game, someone will create it.

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