Quick Workouts During Loading Time

by GamerFitnationon May 28, 2015
Bored waiting for your game to load? Here are 8 speedy workouts to pass time productively. 1. Stationary Jog Stand up from your chair and simply jog in place. Make sure you take deep, slow breaths and pace your breathing as you wait for your game to begin. This easily brings up your heart rate […]

Are You Nuts About Video Games?

by GamerFitnationon May 28, 2015
  Did you know you can improve your gameplay without spending hours and hours on practice? Here are 5 types of healthy nuts that can help your gaming skills. Almonds – The Blue Buff Most video gamers can agree that gaming can be an energy drainer. Gamers tend to stay up playing video games all […]

GF Live Full Ruff Episode Pilot – Amiibo vs Playstation

by Antwand Pearmanon May 26, 2015
GF Live – Full Pilot Episode GF Live Pilot Episode- GF Live Host Antwand “BlackBible” Pearman and Tamika “Red Infamy” Moultrie Talk Nintendo Amiibo VS Playstation Vs Xbox Toys to Life. Guest are Larry Hester Editor In Chief of Superb Antenna & Francois Chang Editor of Another way around on. GF Live Airs on Channel […]

Guitar Hero Live: A Rocking Interview

by Jen Galikon May 22, 2015
Gamers have not had the chance to rock out with friends in a new Guitar Hero title for quite a few years now. The once popular music game has been beginning to slip into obscurity, but a new entry in the franchise is likely to halt that slip immediately. Guitar Hero Live will be coming this […]

Nintendo NX

Nintendo NX May Ditch Backwards Compatibility

by Jen Galikon May 20, 2015
The loss of backwards compatibility is not a new concept to gamers around the world. We’ve seen it happen with both Sony and Microsoft’s home consoles, and now may be the time to see it happen to Nintendo NX. While there has not been much word from Nintendo since Nintendo NX was announced, it is […]