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Bloodborne review

Bloodborne Review PS4 Not for the Faint of Heart

Bloodborne is the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive to come out. Does it live up to the demon slaying hype? Let’s find out! Check out our Bloodborne review. Bloodborne has you taking control of your very own demon slaying character on a journey to destroy the monsters of them hunt. Bloodborne is a game that requires […]

House of Wolves Thoughts: No Raid, No way

Recently, it was announced that Destiny will be releasing their newest DLC House of wolves. House of Wolves which features new single player missions, as well as multiplayer modes to help bring content to a game that really needs it. Destiny players have been longing for something more to continue their endgame activities and they […]

Smite Interview

SMITE Interview: “Community has to Embrace SMITE eSports on Xbox One”

SMITE is a real-time action strategy game that was only available on the PC. Now the game is being brought over to Xbox One. Sometimes it’s hard for a PC game to transition over to a console with little to no to issues. GamerFitNation learns in this SMITE interview that playing the game with The Xbox […]
SNOW bg art

SNOW Preview: The Powder & the Glory

by GeeLWon April 18, 2015
Currently in Early Access on Steam and coming soon to the PlayStation 4, SNOW is shaping up to be quite an interesting and innovative free-to-play game. In development by Poppermost Productions, a small team of twelve based in Sweden, the game looks to bring winter sports to the masses in an accessible yet challenging open-world […]

Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eShop: Back to Classics on Virtual Console

by Jen Galikon April 18, 2015
Nintendo eShop: New on 3DS Dooors Put your brain to work with this incredible puzzle game. Placed in locked rooms, it is up to you to discover how to unlock each door you come across. Will you have enough brainpower to open every door in the game and escape? Find out today on the Nintendo eShop […]