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Most Anticipated Nintendo Exclusive Games of the Year

by Jen Galikon August 3, 2015
Since we’ve already presented you with the best Nintendo exclusive titles out this year so far, we figured we would throw some of the most anticipated Nintendo exclusive games that are still coming this year. Some of these games have had some hype for months, while others came completely out of the blue to take […]
Conker and Banjo

Conker and Banjo Could Bring Bank for Nintendo (Part 1)

by Jen Galikon August 3, 2015
While Nintendo is steadily starting to release more titles, they are still falling a bit short of the expectations of many. Despite how wel-loved many of their franchises are, sometimes it feels like it may not be enough to keep everyone happy. It may not be a sinking ship, but Nintendo could use a hero […]

Batman: Arkham Knight

(SPOILERS) The Only Problem with Batman: Arkham Knight

by GamerFitnationon August 3, 2015
I’m not going to lie. I love Batman: Arkham Knight. It was awesome and it was everything I wanted from a Batman game. There was only one problem for me, though. There were no civilians. Now, I know that Scarecrow caused the city to be evacuated. But, come on. The first game where we are […]

Earthbound Could Profit from Remaster

by Jen Galikon August 3, 2015
Earthbound is a three game series (known as Mother, rather than Earthbound, in Japan) that was developed by Hal-Laboratory. The first title was released in 1989, with the other two being released in 1994 and 2006. The trio has been quite popular due to its dark yet quirky atmosphere, and the inclusion of some of […]

video game to movie

Top 5 Worst Video Game to Movie Adaptations

by GamerFitnationon August 3, 2015
There have been A LOT of video game to movie adaptations, and not many have done that well. A lot of the credit for the terrible adaptations goes to Uwe Boll, a German director who has a lot of the horrible films under his belt. Instead of making this a list of just his films […]