MotionMaze — Get App and Get Moving!

by GeeLWon February 5, 2015
While it may not be a visual showpiece at all, Digido Interactive Inc.’s MotionMaze isn’t designed to be a game you’re buying for its graphics. The free iTunes app is a simple maze game guaranteed to get kids (or you) up and moving in order to solve a series of mazes. The genius of the […]

Super Sprowtz Gets Kids Cookin’!

by GeeLWon January 16, 2015
“Super Sprowtz is a children’s entertainment movement. Our mission is to leverage the educational power of new media to make learning about nutrition and wellness fun.” New York City-based Super Sprowtz has a clear goal in mind: to get kids and parents to eat more veggies and live healthier lives. Poke around their website, and […]

Sony’s New Walkman: A Sound Investment

by GeeLWon January 15, 2015
Aiming a new audio player at a specific audience is both a relatively simple, yet extremely tricky thing. Sony’s upcoming new Walkman NW-ZX2 came into CES 2015 to impress and did so in every aspect, including its luxury price point. You most likely won’t see this almost $1200 music player (or more if you live […]

SmartMat – More Yogi, Less Boo-Boos

by GeeLWon January 13, 2015
Doing yoga on a daily basis may seem like a big stretch to some of you, but it’s actually one of the best ways for all ages to keep fit. However, the initial learning curve can be somewhat daunting for new posers looking to perfect that Downward Dog or Cobra pose. SmartMat is here to […]

Mad Catz L.Y.N.X.9 – A Purr-fect Mobile Controller?

by GeeLWon January 13, 2015
You don’t need to be a math whiz to see $300 is indeed a premium price point for a game controller. However, Mad Catz‘ new L.Y.N.X.9 (or Lynx9) Mobile Hybrid Controller for Android looks to be the best mobile pad you’ll ever play with. Designed to fit a wide range of Android-powered phones, tablets HDTVs […]