Adidas miCoach: Get Fit Faster

by Jen Galikon February 19, 2015
Adidas is taking steps to make your fitness life a little bit easier. With their new Adidas miCoach application, as well as compatible technologies, you will be on the fast track to a more active lifestyle. Bear in mind that Adidas miCoach is not a fitness tracker that you wear twenty-four hours a day. Devices […]

Doctor on Demand: Face-to-Face Health App

by Jen Galikon February 19, 2015
We all know the struggle of getting sick and having an internal battle over whether or not to go to the doctor. The outcome of that battle can go many different ways: You go to the doctor to find out you just have a cold and everything is fine, or maybe you look up your symptoms […]

iFit & Altra Step Up Your Running Game!

by GeeLWon January 23, 2015
iFit is clearly becoming a big leader in wearable technology, and at CES 2015, the company had some very cool new products to show off. In addition to a slew of smart watches featuring iFit fitness tracking, the company’s teaming with Altra for the upcoming Halo running shoe was more exciting news. GamerFitnation’s Gregory Laporte […]

Under Armour Record App Explained

by Tamika Moultrieon January 23, 2015
Under Armour is now expanding efforts to make fitness a part of your lifestyle with Under Armour Record. The health and fitness network app helps individuals track, analyze and share fitness activities, but in a social network aspect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. GamerFitnation’s Arif S. Kinchen chats with Under Armour’s Director of Performance, Paul Winsper, on how the [&he...

Glagla Digitsole

Glagla Digitsole, Keeping Feet Warm and Fit: CES 2015

by Jen Galikon January 8, 2015
For those who live in colder regions in the world, it can be a bit harder to keep up with fitness goals. Snow and cold weather make getting outside to walk around the neighborhood or even making it out to clear off the car so you can drive to the gym a frigid hassle. The […]