GamerFitNation Review System


GamerFitNation Review System

GamerFitNation was recently redesigned and with that redesign has brought new changes to GFN and how reviews are done. That’s why we are now giving you our GamerFitNation Review System. We have been reviewing games and products for a while now. We realize that we haven’t given our readers any concrete clarification of what our scores mean. Well, it’s time for that to change.

When we write a review, we write the review as unbiased as possible with the goal of being objective and precise in describing everything gamers would want to know about the game. We aren’t going to advertise the game as a marketing stunt. We want to provide information that gamers would love to know about the game and whether or not to make that purchase of said game being reviewed.

Review System

10.0- Perfection

The absolute best of the best, tens are given to titles that are praised and well deserving according to our reviewers. This score is reserved for titles that are absolutely fun and can keep the fun going without having the need to play DLC or any additional content. We give tens based on what comes on the disc, not what comes after it. All games that are given perfect scores may have the additional icon of the GFN Stamp of Approval.

9.0-9.5 Excellent

The game is excellent although there may be minor faults to the game such as small glitches or tiny plot holes. This doesn’t affect the overall experience the reviewer has while playing the game. The title is great and the only difference that keeps this from being perfect comes down to the reviewer. He or she might find a few technical glitches that bring this title down from perfection. The game receives the excellent score of a 9.0-9.5 and is definitely worth purchasing.

8.0-8.5 Great

The title is great although it lacks that deciding factor to be considered excellent. There may be a game breaking factor that keeps it at this level or it may have a great story with some terrible gameplay elements or sequences that bring its overall appeal down. It may be a purchase or a pass, depending on how the reviewer feels.

7.0-7.5 Good

Sevens are good, they show that the title is better than most games and also show that with a little polish to the core game, it can only become better. Depending on our reader’s preference and/or likes this may be a rent or buy.

6.0-6.5 Average

Average games are not bad, but they are not great either. These numbers are reserved for titles that you would otherwise rent as opposed to buying. The story has its issues and the gameplay is all right, but there are many technical hiccups.

5.0-5.5 fair

A game that is fair is not a necessary-buy and not a must-rent, but it is definitely a title that is at least worth trying at some point in time. If you’re given this title as a gift then you better trade this one in after playing it.

4.0-4.5 Bad

A game that is bad, but isn’t necessarily as terrible as you would think it is. The title has a good overall idea but it is just implemented horribly and it shows within the game’s design and story.

3.0-3.5 Awful

Even though the game has a few bright spots there is nothing that can make up for the boring story line, boring gameplay, and boring experience.

2.0-2.5 Terrible

A terrible game is just that: terrible. Think of the worse event that has ever happened to you in your life.  Take that event and add two dollars in your pocket for candy and this pretty much what you have remaining. The game looks like it might get good at some point but when you finish it, you leave wanting more.

1.0-1.5 Pitiful

This rating is used for games that are absolutely sad and no matter how you try to justify the game it just keeps getting worse and worse. Everything is terrible from the level design to the overall idea. The game is riddled with tons of technical glitches and seems like it was just rushed to make a few quick bucks.

0.0-0.5 Unplayable

This rating is reserved for games that are so bad even a caveman wouldn’t play it. Typically, titles like this are not worth putting a review icon on but one is there, so there is no confusion about the reviewer’s stance on the title.

How do we review games?

We review our titles based on our personal opinions. Reviews written by our reviewers are the purest forms of their likes and dislikes for certain titles. They will write their reviews based on time spent with the game and how much they have enjoyed a title. Our reviewers are expected to play the games and have reviews done within a timely period for our readers. Although, we understand that everyone has lives, we expect them to have reviews well written, descriptive, and in a timely manner.

GamerFitNation reviews titles based on the availability of the company providing the review unit. We understand that not all companies will be able to accommodate us and thus some titles will be reviewed depending on how they are received.

What titles do we decide to review?

We decide to write reviews based on our interests. Not everyone is a fan of all types of genres and thus, we all have our own certain preferences. Although, we want to give everyone AAA titles to review we must also give them the shovelware titles as well. There aren’t many game of the year caliber titles released on a daily basis, so we must be considerate of all games and titles.

Although, one reviewer/writer may disagree with the score given for that review, it is clear that the review posted on the site is GamerFitNation’s official critique of the game. All disagreements with the review are a person’s own opinion of that title. We would appreciate it if you would use the official review on our site in basing your opinion on whether or not to buy the game.

Do our reviews become biased as of our relationships with companies grow?

No, GamerFitNation was started to bring health, gaming, and lifestyle to the forefront and no matter the partnerships we form with companies, we will always remain objective in our opinions. We do not take money and will never do so for our reviews.

How do you conduct product reviews?

Product reviews are conducted on the same scoring scale as our other reviews, the only difference is that they are not required to have a scoring icon in the article. However, a score is placed at the reviewer’s discretion.

What types of reviews does GamerFitNation Conduct?

GamerFitNation conducts video reviews, and written reviews. The choice of the type of review depends upon the reviewer and as always, it will be posted in a timely manner.

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