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Be Sexy, Get Sleep

by on January 26, 2013
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Be Sexy, Get Sleep


By now, many of us understand the fast paced nature of our modern society.  Most of us don’t get adequate amounts of sleep because, frankly, we deem other things more important.  In fact, we seem to live in an era that frowns upon sleep.  The less we sleep, the cooler and more magnificent we are right?

Magnificent, maybe.  Cool, I’m not sure.  Healthy, energetic, sharp and sexy…I think not!

So how does sleep get you to be sexy?  Well, according to some doctors, adequate sleep increases sexual and physiological desires, as well as blood flow.  Combine that with an improved immune system and increased weight loss and you’ve already begun to make yourself more irresistible.  Just think what’ll happen when you finally start hitting the gym too!  Yikes.

The bottom line, it’s cool not to sleep, it’s just not sexy.  Sleep tight.

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