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Glagla Digitsole, Keeping Feet Warm and Fit: CES 2015

by on January 8, 2015

For those who live in colder regions in the world, it can be a bit harder to keep up with fitness goals. Snow and cold weather make getting outside to walk around the neighborhood or even making it out to clear off the car so you can drive to the gym a frigid hassle. The Glagla Digitsole was recently featured at CES 2015 as a new piece of Bluetooth technology that resides in a sole insert for shoes.

Glagla Digitsole is changing the way people can experience winter walking. The device does two major things for it’s wearers: it heats up to keep feet warm for walking and it keeps track of how many steps the wearer has taken. It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign and is now ready to be shipped off to fitness fanatics around the world.

A small charging hub located in the heel of the Glagla Digitsole.

A small charging hub located in the heel of the Glagla Digitsole.

The Glagla Digitsole works with both Android and iOS operating systems. The application for the device takes note of your age, height, weight and gender. From there, it will calculate how many steps you have taken, the amount of calories burned and can even determine the altitude you have walked at. Information is sent back to your smartphone so you can keep track of the amount of walking you have done in a day. Making the deal even sweeter for winter is the heating capabilities shown by the Glagla Digitsole. The temperature of the soles can be controlled by the same app that rests in your smartphone, and the battery is supposed to have a lifetime of six to nine hours.

This device is something that can make life easier for outdoor workers and exercisers. The soles are on sale now and cost $200 for a pair. If you will be doing a lot of winter walking this year, look into getting some of these to help make the experience a little warmer.

by Jen Galik

Edited by: Avery Osborn

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