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MotionMaze — Get App and Get Moving!

by on February 5, 2015

MotionMaze iOS Screens
While it may not be a visual showpiece at all, Digido Interactive Inc.’s MotionMaze isn’t designed to be a game you’re buying for its graphics. The free iTunes app is a simple maze game guaranteed to get kids (or you) up and moving in order to solve a series of mazes. The genius of the game is it forces you to stand up and start running in place, tapping the screen to change direction when required, as your on-screen pirate dot character collects treasures and locates the exit. While simplistic and, yes, a bit too easy if you’re fit as a fiddle, playing the game is a great way to get younger kids off the couch and motivated. It’s also a good way for some kids to burn off that excess evening energy or get in a fun little workout on days when the weather outside is frightful.

MotionMaze Trick or Treat iOS Screens

Speaking of frightful, there’s also a free Halloween-themed version of the app called MotionMaze Trick or Treat. It’s the same a-maze-ingly simple idea, but here you’re playing as a ghost zipping around a very non-scary maze, hunting for the exit. As with the original MotionMaze, you get dozens of mazes to dart through as you try and get the best times possible. Yes, it’s surprisingly addictive, and there’s quite a workout to be had once you get some decent times under your belt. 

MotionMaze Holiday Adventure iOS
Finally, while the winter gift-giving season is kind of over and done, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to stop with the giving. You can still give MotionMaze Holiday Adventure a try once those kids get hooked on the other two games. It’s also free and full of many mazes to navigate, this time with a cute penguin in the starring role. Like the other two MotionMaze games, this app will give you a run for no money and is surprisingly enjoyable. That said, it would be really interesting to see what a more talented developer could do with this idea, as it’s easy to imagine a more action-intensive game experience geared for “core” gamers looking to spice things up a little. This is exactly the sort of movement-based mobile game that would make a fine RPG, adventure or higher-intensity action app that draws even more interest across multiple platforms.

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