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Safe House: The Search for Tobin Frost Game Preview


Recently, GamerFitNation attended a special meet and greet with Director Daniel Espinosa for his new action thriller “Safe House” which features Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Did you know that there is an online game for the movie? Fans of the movie are welcome to take part in this browser-based game. The name of the title is “The Search for Tobin Frost” and players have to figure out if they can find Tobin Frost or not.

Now onto the game at hand “The Search for Tobin Frost”. The game is actually a very nice and interactive browser game. If you have ever played “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” on the PC, you will see some similarities in this. The game puts you in the position of a rookie agent who is on the hunt for Frost (Denzel Washington’s character). The game centers on you looking for the right path of clues that will lead you to find Frost. You have a few lifelines such as three bribes to give to informants that may have clues to the suspect’s whereabouts or a call that you can send to Washington to get some more help.

You have a time limit as to how long you have to find Frost. If Frost’s trail goes cold, you will lose him for good. I suggest you bring your extra fancy detective skills with you for this ride, as it is a pretty fun and puzzling game. The game is self-explanatory and it will take you a couple of tries to solve the puzzles and figure out where Frost is. If you are, the type of person that loves browser-based games than give it a shot.

This game is on Facebook, so if you are on the social network for the better part of your day you can just add this game to the very hefty repertoire of games you may have added already. It is a fun and interesting game to tide fans over until the movie is in theatres. One small thing to note is that the game also has some of Denzel’s voice-overs from the film.

If you need to get your Safe House fix, head over to the official movie website and check it out in more detail. The game is available from the previous hyperlink so have fun.  Also, do not forget that Safe House will be in theaters February 10.

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