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NBA 2K13 Finally Reveals Developer Insight #2 and New Gameplay Footage


NBA 2K13

2K Sports has released new gameplay footage of NBA 2K13 in its second Developer Insight titled Gameplay, Part 2. In the video, Visual Concepts expands on the new Control Stick previously discussed in the first Developer video. Protect the ball, make space, and easily transition between moves in the low post with the NBA 2K13 all-new Control Stick. I honestly can’t wait for this game to be released. The preseason is almost upon us in the coming months so its going to only raise in anticipation.

NBA 2K13 will be releasing this fall on October 12th 2012 for all major consoles with a release for the Wii U at a later date. Enjoy the video posted below!

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  • mumu

    I’m maken sure i get 2k13 first