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Summer’s Over…. Already

by on August 4, 2012

As we all know, summer is almost over. School supply shopping has started. Tax-free weekends are vast approaching. Since school is about to start, let’s prep for the school year. Mom and Dad, make your life a little easier by planning. I know we all may hate it, but it helps you in the end.

One thing I hated as a child was when the end of summer came; I had to start getting back in the routine of school. My parents made me go to sleep at a certain time. I hated when it was still light outside, and I had to be in bed. The proper amount of sleep is vital for your children.  They may have gotten too use to summer, and we wouldn’t want them dozing off in class.

Vision and hearing test are also important. I remember going back to school and having these test done. My mother always made sure I had an eye test before school. So when I went back to school and they had me do it again, I would tell them my eyes were just checked. I still had to do it though. Not being able to see in class is very frustrating. Either because of your eyes or being too far from the blackboard. Headaches are a sign that your child may have vision problems. Also if they hold things closer or farther away. So make sure you get them checked out. I didn’t want to take a hearing test, because I didn’t want to hear my teacher talk all the time. Now I’m glad that they made me take them. I love, as children, we don’t see the purpose of things, but as adult, we appreciate our parents making us do them.

Keep your kids moving. This is very important, because once school starts they will be sitting at their desk for the majority of the day. You can’t always depend on recess giving them time to run around. I remember weather affected our recess a lot of times here in Louisiana. It was either too hot, too cold, or raining. As a kids, we hated any weather other than playing outside weather.  Get moving and get involved.

Last, but certainly not least, plan for healthy meals. Breakfast is important for everyone. So start your child’s day with a good, healthy breakfast. Starting the morning out right,  preps for the rest of the day.  I enjoyed my mom making me lunch as a child. Her little notes written on my napkins, and knowing that she knew what I liked was even better. Even though she didn’t let me have lunchables unless we were going on field trip. It’s just one of those things, you don’t understand until you’re an adult.

So get this school year started off right, and plan for a wonderful school year for you and your kids!

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