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The Importance Of Drinking Water

by on October 30, 2012

Two-thirds of the body consists of water, which distributes itself throughout the body in the muscles, the brain, bones and blood; water has many important roles. Some of the most important functions are transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells, assisting metabolism, detox, protecting organs and helping them absorb nutrients better, regulating body temperature, and protecting and moisturizing joints. Think of water as our body’s co-fuel, because even though food is the most important source of energy and nutrients, water is as important in order for all the nutrients that food provides us with, to be equally distributed across the body.

There are endless reasons to drink water besides the USDA Dietary Guideline recommendation, which is about nine cups for woman and about twelve ups for men. Here are some of my personal favorite reasons to make water my main beverage of choice:

  1. It’s an amazing natural remedy for headaches because in most cases headaches are due to dehydration.
  2. Helps when you’re trying to lose weight because many people confuse thirst with hunger.
  3. Keeps your skin moist and rejuvenated.
  4. Helps you stay energized because when your body doesn’t have enough water it works harder making you feel fatigued and tired.
  5. Prevents cramps because water keeps your joints moisturized.
  6. Helps during digestion because it speeds up metabolism.
  7. The brain is 90% water therefore drinking water helps you concentrate better.

Even though water has many benefits for health, not everybody enjoys the taste of it. It helps to consume foods that have high water content like fruits and vegetables. Another tip would be to flavor your water, in order to disguise the flavor and make it more appealing to your palate.

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