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A Prehistoric Party with The Croods

by on February 10, 2013

A Prehistoric Party with The Croods


Gamer Fit Nation and D3Publishers have a prehistoric party with The Croods and get an early look at the Dreamworks film and upcoming party game from Nintendo.

The Croods, the movie, debuts March 29th, and is the story of a prehistoric family who is forced to migrate from their known desert habitat into a new world.  The family members, featuring the voices of familiar actors like Nicolas CageRyan Reynolds, and Emma Stone, embark on an incredible adventure that the modern day family is sure to enjoy.

After getting hands on with the Wii U and playing the party game, The Croods: Prehistoric Party, we’re looking forward to its release   The game comes out on March 19th, just a few days before the movie.  It’s a fun game that offers a vey healthy dose of competitive gameplay.  Up to four players can compete against each other at once, and each has the opportunity to select one of the seven characters in the movie.  The game features tons of upgrades including unlock-able games, images, and items. Be sure to check out The Croods: Prehistoric Party when it comes to Nintendo Wii, Wii U, DS and 3DS.

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