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GamerFitNation and SEGA Talk Kingdom Conquest 2

by on February 7, 2013

kingdom conquest 2

If you’ve played the first Kingdom Conquest title, then you are fully aware of how addicting it was.  Well, GamerFitNation and SEGA talk Kingdom Conquest 2 and we see just how immersing a mobile game can get.

You can download the game, FREE, on any iOS device, as well as android mobile devices.  Now that being said, there’s nothing scaled down about Kingdom Conquest 2.  In fact, the game appears to be a complete revamp of the first title, from graphics to added gameplay features.  A hybrid of war-strategy, city-building, and battle-card gaming, you will spend hours on end developing your own unique ways to compete with the online competition.

Kingdom Conquest 2 promotes co-operative play by allowing players to form alliances with others from all around the world.  Communicate during battle by using various phrases like “good job”, “sorry” or “I need help”, and those phrases will be translated to whatever language other players need to understand what your saying.  I was really impressed with the fluidity of the game as I played, with the gameplay, graphics and audio all being stellar.

SEGA wanted to make it clear that you currently won’t find any title out there that can compare to what you’re getting when you download this FREE game.  You won’t have to spend a dime to play this game in its entirety, but if you’d like to obtain more cards or upgrades without spending hours fighting your way to the top, you can make in game purchases.

Being someone who is constantly on the go, and rarely has time sit down and put in good hours at home on an RPG, let’s me take my virtual journey on the road.  And, I can tell you this, it’s going to be a long one.  Check out the video interview!

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