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Arkham Origins: Troy Baker Voice of the Joker at NYCC 2013 @GamerFitnation

by on October 16, 2013

Arkham The Joker

By: Matthew Van Dyke

Arkham Origins

Troy Baker

GamerFitnation’s Antwand “Blackbible” Pearman got to talk with the voice of the Joker in Arkham Origins at NY Comic Con 2013. Troy Baker is the voice behind the ever present smile of a young Joker in the upcoming game. His charismatic interpretation of the Joker’s style and vocal kinks make the character seem real and twisted in all the right ways. For those who aren’t familiar with the voice actor, you might recognize his voice as that of Booker Dewitt from BioShock Infinite and his various roles in many different video games. For a full list of his work, check out his IMDB page.

Check out the video, below, to hear and see Troy Baker in all his glory.

Many fans of Mark Hamill, the most recognized voice behind the Joker, may be wary of a new voice actor usurping the role of Batman’s greatest nemesis. Yet even the dark knight will agree that Baker gives a new, yet faithful, portrayal of a younger Joker for fans to enjoy. As players will get the chance to play as the Joker in Arkham Origin’s, they will have plenty of time to decide if they enjoy Baker’s work. Through the grunts and pithy bits of in-game dialogue to the cut-scene one liners, players will be hearing a lot from this voice actor while  they play.

Think Troy Baker is the best thing to happen to Arkham Origins, or believe he’s not fit to take the role? Write a comment below and share your opinions! Keep up with all of our exclusive interviews containing the latest gaming news.

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