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Voice of Batman in Arkham Origins – Interview @GamerFitnation

by on October 21, 2013


The Voice of Batman in Arkham Origins

Roger Craig Smith

A while ago, GamerFitnation was able to get hold of Roger Smith over Skype, when he was revealed as Ripslinger in Disney’s Planes. His melodious voice soothed our ears, as we asked him about his role and work in voice acting. We were ecstatic when we learned that the same guy who voices Captain America, and lends his voice to the Regular Show, was going to be the voice of Batman in Arkham Origins. GamerFitnation was so pumped that we tracked him down for a second interview at New York Comic Con 2013. See the man himself in our exclusive interview, where Antwand ‘BlackBible’ Pearman finds out what fans are dying to know.



Watch our The Voice of Batman in Arkham Origins Video:

It’s been a crazy time for Batman fans with the end of the Nolan trilogy and gruff voiced Batman, leaving all of us collectively in the dark for the future of the character on the big screen. Then, not too long ago, we were told about Ben Affleck taking up the black cape for the newest film. A mixed bag of reactions followed this news as the image, and voice, of Batman would be re-hauled once again. And now – on the video game side of things – we have the Arkham Origins releasing on October 25th to look forward to playing.

That’s an overwhelming amount of Batman interpretations and Batman voices. The Nolan trilogy re-invented how people expect Batman to sound, but on television and in video games, that voice never truly caught on. Roger Smith, as the voice of Batman in Arkham Origins, brings a clear and balanced voice back to the Dark Knight, allowing listeners to fully enjoy the powerful one liners that make Batman, well, Batman.

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