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Five Diverse Post-Apocalyptic Games to Look Out for on PS4 and XBOX One

by on March 13, 2014



Photo Graphic: Michael Chin

Whoever said the post-apocalyptic theme has run its course is wrong. This year and next have some upcoming heavy hitters in the popular cult theme which are unique in their own distinct way. When you think of a population surviving after a catastrophic occurrence, you think of a vast waste land, uncivilized, killing crazies, mutated animals, etcetera. You pretty much can’t help but think of the classic Mad Max movie.  Well, here are five diverse post-apocalyptic games to watch for on the PS4 and XBOX One that will not make you lose hope in the genre.

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  • ilovegoogleglass


  • Demolicious95

    Can’t wait for the division, people are however speculating whether or not it will succeed due to ubisoft’s recent games and their faults e.g. assassins creed unity and watchdogs. I, personally, am sceptical about dying light, since Richland disappointed us in terms of story for dead island, although I did.always wonder what mirrors edge with zombies would be like…
    Great job on this list, ill be checking out everyone’s gone to rapture as I’ve never heard of it. Thanks!

    • Well Dying Light so far is really interesting and good. As far as The Division I am really amped and curious to see how this is going to pan out. I have high hopes.