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2K Sports Tells Kevin Durant: “Your Time Has Come”

by on May 6, 2014


Your Time Has Come – NBA 2K15

2K Sports tonight announced via twitter that NBA league MVP, Kevin Durant will be the cover athlete for NBA 2K15. The tweet features a hash tag stating “Your Time  Has Come”, which would reference to Kevin Durant finally gracing a NBA 2K cover. Kevin Durant was the featured athlete on EA’s NBA Elite, but the game was unreleased due to numerous technical failures of the game. This will be Kevin Durant official cover for an NBA game that will officially release.

So 2K sports seems to have a play on words for their campaign for KD off of his ‘My Time is Now”  and the opportunity to give the NBA star a time to shine on his very own official cover for NBA 2K15. Yes your time has come, finally, congrats KD on your cover debut and first NBA MVP title. We’ll keep you posted on further news relating to NBA 2K15. Let us know your thoughts.

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