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12 Games of Christmas – Adventure All the Way

by on December 11, 2014

12 games of Christmas

We are now into the second week of December and our second part of 12 Games of Christmas. This time I’m going to focus on some great adventure video games that are great for just about any explorer or aspiring adventurer. So, lets kick off part two of the 12 Games of Christmas!

12 Games of Christmas: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

See the stunning sights of the world in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

See the stunning sights of the world in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

What better way to start this segment of the 12 Games of Christmas than with a game set in a mostly arctic world? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim allows you to create your very own adventurer from a slew of different races. You can customize their faces with a variety of hair styles, colors, scars and more to visualize the adventurer you want to be. From there, you are able to equip a variety of weapons and armors, train your character in a wide array of skill sets, and travel the world to create your own legend. Will you be a hero of the common folk? Or will you be an assassin with a strange obsession with stealing cabbages? That is completely up to you.

In terms of a story, Skyrim has one main story line in which your character realizes that he or she is a legendary hero known as the Dragonborn. As Dragonborn, it is your duty to defeat an ancient dragon known as Alduin who is threatening to destroy the world. As you travel through Skyrim, you will have the chance to join different groups such as The Companions, The Thieves Guild, and The Dark Brotherhood in order to complete their questlines and soar within their ranks. You can take some time away from normal adventuring to do quests for the Daedric Princes or the Nine Divines. Random quests will also come up while you are traveling the region, ranging from civilians who need bandits taken care of to solving a massive murder case in a big city.

12 Games of Christmas wouldn't be complete without fighting giant spiders right?

12 Games of Christmas wouldn’t be complete without fighting giant spiders right?

In this spot on our 12 Games of Christmas, the way you play the game is completely up to you. You can be a hero who is loved by the citizens of numerous towns, or you can be a villain with colossal bounties in every part of Skyrim. No matter what you choose, you can be assured that each play through will be unique and grant you hours of adventuring and exploration.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Just one of many of Link's facial expressions.

Just one of many of Link’s facial expressions.

Get ready to set sail with Link on this adventure that starts out as the seemingly simple task of rescuing your sister. This participant in the 12 Games of Christmas had many players skeptical due to the “childish” and vibrant visuals that the game used. Instead of crashing and burning like some thought, the art style of Wind Waker left fans stunned at its charm and wit. The facial expressions that are capable with the more cartoonish cel-shading also allows the characters to give more emotional, and often times hilarious, power over the players.

Your adventure with Link starts out on his birthday with his grandmother and sister. He gets to don the traditional green clothes of the Hero of Time, a tradition that all boys on his island go through in their lives. His birthday celebrations are shattered, however, when a monster sent from Gannon takes his sister captive after failing to catch a pirate named Tetra. Link, with the help of a new friend, manages to convince Tetra to take him with her so he can rescue his little sister.

Link gets his revenge in the best way possible.

Link gets his revenge in the best way possible.

Link’s rescue mission turns into something so much more after he is defeated and ejected from Gannon’s hideout in the Forsaken Fortress. He meets a talking boat, known as The King of Red Lions, who informs Link of his heroic destiny and the aid he needs to stop Gannon from returning to power. From there, you get to enjoy all of the fun dungeon-solving, monster-fighting action and adventure that fans of the franchise adore. This game was re-released in HD on the Nintendo Wii U, so it is the perfect potential gift for your adventuring friends and family.

Tomb Raider

Make use of every tool you have in this entry to 12 Games of Christmas.

Make use of every tool you have in this entry to 12 Games of Christmas.

Lara Croft has been around since the early years of the PlayStation and recently got a reboot on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. This reboot, done by Crystal Dynamics, takes us all the way back to the origin story of Lara Croft. The dark setting and realistic graphics of this game brings you directly into Lara’s story and makes you feel like you are experiencing it right next to her.

It starts out with Lara and her crew of archaeologists as they set forth to attempt to discover the location of an island known as Yamatai. A freak storm destroys the ship and leaves Lara separated from her friends for part of the game. As you progress inland, you discover that you are not alone on this island; there are wild beasts and dangerous people out there who can kill you in hundreds of ways. It is up to you and Lara to discover the secrets of the island, as well get off of it alive with your friends.

Use your wits to survive a hostile environment.

Use your wits to survive a hostile environment.

Tomb Raider has a pretty brutal nature around it that revolves around Lara Croft. As a new adventurer, she has not had the experiences that made her hard in the original games. You see the emotional struggle and turmoil going on through Lara’s brain as she pushes herself to keep on going and survive. It is the first step in her transformation into a seasoned adventurer. Not only that, but the game is graphically brutal as well. There are many different ways to die on the island, and just about every death has it’s own (sometimes horrific) mini cut scene. Despite the intensity of these scenes, the overall effect is one that brings you even closer to Lara as a character. Even though this may not be the cheeriest entry to 12 Games of Christmas, it is still an incredible title to experience and play.

by Jen Galik

Edited by: Avery Osborn


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