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12 Games of Christmas – The Finale

by on December 24, 2014

12 Games of Christmas

Christmas is here and so is the final set of the 12 Games of Christmas. We have gone through a decent variety of games over the course of the month, stemming from an array of genres. Now we celebrate the last three games of the 12 Games of Christmas.

12 Games of Christmas: The Last of Us

The 12 Games of Christmas would not be complete without some survival horror action.

The 12 Games of Christmas would not be complete without some survival/horror action.

This game made huge waves last year, and it is still making impressions in the hearts of gamers today. It takes survival horror to a whole new level with a deep story line and characters that grow to be your close friends and companions along the way. It has received a 10/10 from IGN and has been called a masterpiece by many.

In this entry to the 12 Games of Christmas, you play as a smuggler named Joel who lives in one of the last safe quarantine cities in the world. Under strict law by the military, these safe zones provide shelter from the horrors that lurk beyond the walls. Joel is a hard-boiled survivor who ends up having to take on the role of caretaker and deliverer to a fourteen-year-old girl named Ellie. Ellie is entrusted to Joel after one of Joel’s good friends passes away, and now it is up to you to help Joel get Ellie to another quarantine zone safely. Joel and Ellie differ greatly from each other, and thus a story of learning to trust and care for one another follows as you guide the two to safety.

Ellie is much more capable than your typical fourteen year old girl.

Ellie is much more capable than your typical fourteen-year-old girl.

You will meet a variety of dangers along the way, ranging from infected humans to clans of survivors who live beyond the walls of the quarantine zones. Taking Ellie to a new zone is not your typical escort mission. Ellie is a determined young girl who can fight back when need be. Her strong and bold attitude will leave you with a growing affection for her as you follow her growth on the trip.

The Last of Us has plenty of downloadable content, multiplayer options and HD versions to leave you and your adventuring friends content for hours. It is a story that focuses heavily on growth and the bond that grows between Joel and Ellie, from start to finish. Artfully told, the story of these two unlikely companions will leave you in awe at the emotional adventure that they share. With minor rumors floating around about The Last of Us 2 being developed, there is just that much more to be hopeful and excited about.

Bravely Default

Luxendarc is a massive place, be sure to take the time to explore it all.

Luxendarc is a massive place. Be sure to take the time to explore it all.

Bravely Default is one of the games that has impressed thousands of gamers on the Nintendo 3DS ever since its release in 2012. There were plenty of times where game and retail stores were sold out of copies of this 12 Days of Christmas title, and at times, finding a used copy in a local GameStop or other used game store was near impossible. Bravely Default is essentially Square Enix doing RPG in that special enamoring style that Square has.

In Bravely Default, you are placed in the land of Luxendarc where a young Tiz Arrior must team up with his three companions and set out on a journey to save the world. One of his companions, Agnés, is in charge of keeping watch over the Wind Crystal in her temple. A dark energy appears, swallowing up her home and flowing over into the world. Tiz and the rest of his companions are affected by the dark force sweeping across the land, and they must help Agnés awaken the other three crystals in order to save the world from destruction. These unlikely companions must also seek out the truth behind what is happening and restore a missing balance to the displaced Luxendarc.

The four heroes of this magnificent entry to the 12 Games of Christmas.

The four heroes of this magnificent entry to the 12 Games of Christmas.

Hand drawn backgrounds bring the world to life in a completely stunning way, and with its wide-open skies, there is much for you and your team to explore. Fight by using classic turn-based RPG battle styles with an added twist of Brave, Default and Bravely Second maneuvers. These three special additions to the fighting style give the game more depth and requires more strategy from you as the player. Both Brave and Default run off of the Brave Points (BP) that you build up during battle. By using Default, you will shield yourself from attacks while gaining more BP in the process.  By making use of Brave, you can unleash devastating multiple attacks that can end a battle quickly and preserve the life of your comrades. The final component, Bravely Second, runs off of Sleep Points that are gained by having your 3DS in sleep mode while the game is on. These Sleep Points can allow you to freeze time in the  game, thus rendering your enemies incapable of doing anything.

With over twenty different job classes to place your characters into and switch to, there will there is no end to the gameplay styles you can create while playing this entry to the 12 Games of Christmas. Bravely Default is a game filled with charm, beauty and story to captivate the gamer inside each and every one of us.

inFAMOUS Second Son

In this entry to the 12 Games of Christmas, use your new powers for good or evil.

In this entry to the 12 Games of Christmas, use your new powers for good or evil.

The final entry to the 12 Games of Christmas is an action-packed title that lets you choose your path in life. You play as Delsin as he attempts to change a city and understand the new powers he has awoken within himself. The graphics and gameplay style of this game are unique to the inFAMOUS series and will leave players charging through the city searching for adventure.

When a truck carrying three superhumans, known as Conduits, crashes near Delsin and his friend, the young boy decides to help one of the three out of the wreckage. Upon assisting the Conduit, Delsin absorbs some of the Conduit’s Smoke Powers and gets tangled up in an intense interrogation on a tribe. Delsin uses his newfound abilities to rescue the surviving members of the tribe, and it becomes your task to help Delsin make use of his new powers.

Take on your enemies with Delsin Rowe

Take on your enemies with Delsin Rowe.

It is up to you and Delsin to fight against the Department of Unified Protection in fictional Seattle, and the way you do it is up to you. You have the chance to interact with people and the environment in different ways. By doing so, you can either help or harm and save or corrupt. It is your choices that will select the course of the game and how Delsin will react in certain scenarios. With Delsin being able to go into Good Karma Delsin or Bad Karma Delsin, there are a few different ways that the end of the game can play out.

This title has received fairly good reviews from its players and has made an impact with the decision-making gameplay that it presents. Through your actions, you can change an entire city for better or for worse.

by Jen Galik

Edited by: Avery Osborn

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