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(PS4) Destiny The Dark Below Review

I could tell you about the great things in The Dark Below, but I won’t. Instead, I want to bring you into the light and tell you the experiences I’ve had with the darkness, and the reasons why you should or shouldn’t take the trip into the hellmouth.

Destiny‘s latest expansion “The Dark Below” details Crota, a massively ominous character with a massively enormous sword. You obtain your bounties and mission from newcomer Erin Morais, who can be found in the tower. As the sole survivor of a group of guardians who went into the hellmouth to defeat Crota, she appears to be terrified and sends you on a variety of missions to prevent the awakening of Crota. As you progress through the new missions, more missions unlock on the map, and you can explore areas that were unavailable to access in the main game. The new content provides loads of new grinding to an already grind-heavy game.

As this is a new expansion, we are now welcomed to use several new and ambitious weapons like the “Murmur” which can change between arc and solar damage. There is also a new raid (“Crota’s End”) and multiple missions and ways to increase your light level from the previous cap of 30. Yes, the level cap has recently been upgraded to 32, which can only be obtained from the raid on the moon.

Eris will give missions daily that allow you to bring her faction reputation up. However, since the release, there haven’t been many bounties to increase her reputation, and when given bounties, they are class-specific, which derails your process. It seems like a cheap tactic to get gamers to spend more time on the game hoping for something good.

The new “Crota’s End” raid, new weapons and new missions are a welcome addition to the game. However, you must have The Dark Below to participate in the weekly events like the new nightfall, weekly and heroic strikes.

Destiny The Dark Below

The Dark Below isn’t a terrible expansion, it’s just one that doesn’t appear to have been fully thought-out when being made. It has a blatantly flawed exotic upgrade system that relies on the chance that Xur — who only appears on the weekend — will offer to trade weapons and armor that you’re looking for in exchange for a freshly updated 2.0 version of the gun. It appears that this game is destined (no pun intended) to be a rather annoying grindfest. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like grinding as much as the next guy, but it should be made within reason. To max out weapons and raid armor from The Dark Below, you will need new ascendant materials like radiant shards and radiant energy, both of which can only be first received in the moon raid. An idea like that not only punishes players that have accrued several ascendant shards since day one, but literally turns previous ascendant shards into virtual paperweights.

There are two new strikes for the PlayStation version of the game. These strikes add more playtime to Destiny. Now, whether or not this is enjoyable remains to be seen. One particularly annoying strike titled the “Will of Crota” takes place on Earth and is honestly the most-hated strike for me. It’s relatively short, as you can reach the endpoint of the strike in probably 5 to 10 minutes. When reaching the end, prepare to have a grindfest as you are held at bay by the entrance to the boss room by multiple enemies, and at times, die cheaply because they are trying to prevent you from creating some type of strategy. Although you can use a room towards the back to attack the boss, after some time that falls through and becomes repetitive.

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