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PlayStation Initiative: 5 Predictions on Their Announcements

by on February 10, 2015
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The PlayStation Initiative, a secret, exclusive Sony invite-only event made out to select PlayStation MVPs, takes place in just three days at New York City’s Gotham Hall. Many have their speculations on what will take place or be announced, and so do I. Take a look as I list 5 announcements we’re likely to see announced from Sony for PlayStation 4.

5. PlayStation 4 Slim Revealed


PlayStation 4 has almost reached its second birthday, and with rumors floating around of the Xbox One losing some weight, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony would follow the trend. Sony is, of course, a trailblazer in slimming down their systems to rebrand it. But does the already slim design need another remodel? Who’s to say ? But today it is never unpopular to go smaller with an entertainment gaming system.

 4. PlayStation Vita Colors


Japan always gets the cool stuff, right? Well, with so much praise of the 20th anniversary PS4 and countless other limited edition color systems, it would be smart to follow the trend for their mobile gaming device. Not to mention its competition, the New Nintendo 3DS XL, releases on the same day as the PlayStation Initiative. Sony really does need to take the “initiative” to be competitive with The Vita against its rival and become relevant again. The PS Vita is one if the lowest-selling platforms in the market. It has so much potential, but it lacks identity, so sprucing it up with colors would bring it life. Japan received the PlayStation Vita Colors with its slim Vita last winter, so bring the colors for the North America PS Vita as well. It would be a smart initiative for Sony to rebrand the Vita with PlayStation Vita Colors. 

3. Project Morpheus Announcement 

PlayStation Initiative

Project Morpheus testing

Virtual reality seems to be trending, not only in the tech sphere, but also in the video game sector. With Microsoft finally jumping into the VR market with the revolutionary Project HoloLens, it would be smart to show what new advances Project Morpheus is up to. Though Project HoloLens is on a whole other level, there has been no further word on what Project Morpheus will do for PlayStation 4.

2. PlayStation Vue Price Point and Free Trial Announced

playstation vue

PlayStation Vue Interface

Cable for your gaming system is evolving by the second, especially since the Sling TV app and PlayStation Vue were announced with further details at CES 2015. PlayStation Vue has a lot to offer, with over 70 networks and additional features, but Sony has yet to give a price for the TV service app. PlayStation Initiative would be the perfect place to announce the price.

1. PlayStation Home for PS4 Revealed

pshomeTo invite PlayStation MVPs to play unreleased games and mingle with celebrities is one thing for the PlayStation community to experience, but to announce something the PS community was physically involved with would be grand. PlayStation Home for PlayStation 4 would be the perfect announcement for PlayStation Initiative, since members from PlayStation’s gaming community would be in attendance. In addition, we are unsure why the event is titled “PlayStation Initiative.” We’ll see if they will be announcing new things the gaming community can participate in online with PlayStation Home or another virtual successor for PS4.

Everything is secretive for now, but we have our predictions. What do you think will be announced?

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  • Guest

    Sounds like a snorefest.

    • Noctis Pendragon

      A Lot of love was poured into it , i like it.

      • REDinfamy718

        Hahaha, so you think nothing special will be announced ?

    • REDinfamy718

      Haha so you think nothing special will be announced ?

      • If big announcements were going to be made, you’d think they’d be streamed.

        Also, your article is a bit “dishonest.”

        Many have their speculations on what will take place or be announced, and so do I. Take a look as I list 5 announcements we’re likely to see announced from Sony for PlayStation 4.

        Intentional or not, this is misleading… Calling it speculation is fine, but saying these predictions are “likely to [be] announced” – that’s conjecture.

        • Now i feel like you’re trolling just to troll. How is her article dishonest. “Take a look as I list 5 announcements we’re likely to see announced from Sony for PlayStation 4.” What she said was suggestive at best but nothing dishonest about it. This is an Editorial an Opinion speculative yes, suggestive yes, but dishonest No. As if you read the initial description you come to realize that he is attending the event. So you don’t know what info she has been privilege to call this “Conjecture” .

          • Now i feel like you’re trolling just to troll. How is her article dishonest.

            Funny. I make one comment pointing out a “mistake” the author makes, and a moderator jumps in to say I’m “trolling just to troll” instead of moderating the comment… Is that because I’m not actually trolling, and instead you simply disagree with me? Is that why you replied instead of, you know, moderating anything?

            What she said was suggestive at best but nothing dishonest about it.

            Hence my “quotes” around the term “dishonest” and the further clarification describing it as misleading… Did you miss that part?

            If you read the initial description you’d come to realize that she will be attending the event. So you don’t know what info she has been privilege to call this “Conjecture”.

            I did read it, and, just so you know, being invited to an event does not equate to knowing what is going to be at said event. Had she any knowledge of what will be at said event, she would either 1.) have reported it, or 2.) be bound by a non-disclosure agreement, making this “Editorial as Opinion” a breech of contract – assuming standard NDA constraints are tied to any such invitation.

            So you don’t know what info she has been privilege to call this “Conjecture”. The irony is that what you just displayed was in it self conjecture.

            Actually, if you read her piece, she stated plain as day, that these were her own speculations.

            Many have their speculations on what will take place or be announced, and so do I.

            You can list of what you hope will be announced, but listing off “what we’re likely to see announced…” – that’s inaccurate. The likelihood of us seeing any of these are based on… what exactly?

            Now we’re “likely” to see a PS4 Slim, based on the rumor of an XO slim?

            Now we’re “likely” to see PSV Color, because the New 3DS is coming out?

            Now we’re “likely” to see a Project Morpheus announcement, because… it’d be cool? (Side note: Morpheus was already announced. Check March 19, 2014.)

            Now we’re “likely” to see PlayStation Home for the PS4 because… ??? She didn’t list why we’d “likely” see it – she just listed it.

            Now, I will say that the PlayStation Vue announced makes a bit more sense since it’s announcement at CES, but there isn’t much reasoning behind why we’re “likely” to see it.

            The irony is that what you just displayed was in it self conjecture.

            My posts have had nothing of the sort. Conjecture is a conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information. If you preface a list with “here’s my speculation” you can’t follow it with ‘here’s what we’re likely to see’.

            Had she listed what she wants to see, my OP wouldn’t have been made. I take quarrel with X/Y/Z author of X/Y/Z site claiming X/Y/Z is being announced, when really they simply want X/Y/Z to be announced.

            For full disclosure, I also write for a conglomerate of gaming sites, so I’m very familiar with trolling. This is not trolling. This is reader feedback.

        • REDinfamy718

          Well this piece is conjecture as a whole anyway. It was formed off of incomplete info about the event since it is an secret event right ? and thus predictions were made on what [can’] be announced. Pre E3 articles are full of conjecture and thus opinions made off of them. Conjecture = guesswork. Thanks for reading

          • Yes, and guesswork shouldn’t be described as “5 announcements we’re likely to see announced from Sony.” However, calling it “5 announcements we might see announced from Sony” is 100% appropriate. That’s all I’m saying.

    • BoyBigEyes

      I never thought see XBots taken so seriously: “try harder!” lol

  • PS Vita “Colors” were not painted on the front. At least not the mass produced ones found in Japan, HK, ect. The picture is a bit misleading.

    • REDinfamy718

      Well that picture is from a Sony announcement in Asia. We are hoping they will mass produce them with the full colors for the West. Now the Red and Blue Vita was mass produced with the full color.

      • Those were limited edition PS Vita’s 1000. After the slim jump only two tone combinations have been released.

        • REDinfamy718

          Well let’s hope that treatment will happen for the Slims in the West.

    • REDinfamy718

      This would be sweet

      • Yeah but those never got released. They are the PR ones I believe. That is actually my favorite color next to purple and light pink on portables. Actual PS Vita slim alt colors are white with either light blue, light pink or tennis ball green vs black front and 3 other colors. Hopefully a PS4 controller revision comes out, I don’t like the build on mine. With a slim version a controller revision is pretty much guaranteed to some extent.

      • Mark Ktizm

        I would update my 1000 for a colored vita. I wanted to import the green but dont like the white front. I want it front and back green or i’ll take orange.

  • Dang I want to go. Sounds like fun

  • NoYo™

    Hopefully PS Vue & Sling TV can be successful & help launch this cable a la carte movement… I only watch a handful of channels anyway & shouldn’t have to pay for a bunch that I never watch…

    & while I personally was not really a fan of PS Home, from my understanding it did generate revenue, so it seems like a logical addition…

    • REDinfamy718

      PlayStation Vue and Sling TV is going to be awesome !

  • Mohamed Sonic

    second birthday lol the system just reached its FIRST birthday recently

    • REDinfamy718

      That’s why almost is in that sentence : )

      • DarthDiggler


        Yeah but 1 year + 3 months is a little over a year not almost 2.

      • Patrick

        In what way is a year in three months “almost” two years?

        • REDinfamy718

          Because over a year will be almost 2 years. To come to a shocker take the year you was born and this year – you will magically come to see that you are already a year older even if it is not your birthday yet. *Spoiler*

  • DarthDiggler


    I am 95% certain that PS Home is done. It’s dropping off PS3 this year I believe and I believe the said it wouldn’t come to PS4.

  • Charlie

    Vita isn’t making money for Sony so why poor more money into it? I say Sling TV or Morpheus is the best route. Here’s hoping there’s a release date and LOW price tag

    • REDinfamy718

      That is why re-branding with colors would help in my opinion. People love customization especially in the west. PS Vue is for PlayStation. Sling TV is not, but is regards to your point it is a great initiative. I just hope the price point will be fitting because PS Vue has a lot to offer. The Morpheus I am skeptical about because it is not going to hold a candle to the Hololense. Thanks for reading

  • loadstone007

    Liked your predictions.
    I would love to see more DS4 colors, especially light pink for the wife. Also Uncharted collector’s edition would be rad.

    • loadstone007

      Also would love to get a Vita 2 announced in the next 2 years or so

    • REDinfamy718

      Some more DS4 colors would be very awesome. I was thinking about if a definitive collectors edition of the last gen games would come out, but PS Now kind of covers that to some extent. The only thing is of course that it is not up-scaled. It was in my thoughts though to be mentioned. Thanks for reading

  • born_naughty

    None of those things are gonna be announced.

  • XanderZane41

    It won’t be the PS4 Slim. Sony is already making a profit on every PS4 released now. If they release a PS4 Slim and lower the price, they probably wouldn’t be making as much. The PS4 is 15 month old. Where is this Tamika getting almost 2 years old? Got another 9 months to go to reach that. I can see more info on Morpheus being announced and probably HOME, but nothing else spectacular. I think Sony is only doing this to try to steal some of M$ thunder with Win10 & DX12. That’s all gamers are talking about right now besides The Order 1886 being released soon.

  • landguy

    You know what they say about predictions?

    I would be surprised if even one of these happen.