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Goliath Answers to the “Don’t Starve Copy” Criticism – E3 2015

by on June 22, 2015

Goliath, the new indie title from Whalebox Studio has finally shown off the more of the goods and shut everyone up, since it caught buzz from its initial teaser trailer before E3 2015. Why the shut up part ? Well after Encore revealed a pre-E3 trailer of Goliath, many video game critics coined the new strategy survival game as “Oh no here is another Don’t Starve game” before seeing in-depth gameplay. During E3 2015, GamerFitnation stopped by Encore Games to chat with Nadya Zhuk, associate producer, on the criticism to hear what the team had to say on it all.

Goliath may have some similarities to Don’t Starve with its survival theme, top down view, and being in a vast forest sand box adventure, but when you see the overall just of it the differences pop out, especially when it all boils down to giant robots.

In the new survival game,Goliath, players find themselves in a mysterious land consisting of the jumbled fragments of a hundred dead civilizations mashed up. There are several powerful factions that are out to battle for control of this mysterious world you get to play in. In addition to factions you may have to worry about are monstrous giants that roam the land as well. To survive among these giant creatures, players must scavenge for resources and materials needed to create Goliaths, hence the title of the game, to either use for battle or barter for survival.


Wooden Goliath type you start off with to fend large creatures

Players start out with simple wooden version of Goliaths then learn to create dozens of Goliaths from a variety of materials such as wood, stone, metal and other more unique materials found throughout the world. Certain load outs can be customized to your style of play based off your expertise. Not every Goliath made is the same because of player’s efficiencies. Aside from building Goliath players will also need to craft items and tools for basic survival, build shelters and fortresses, and choose which factions to support in the war.

Goliath is set to release Winter 2016 on PC, Mac, and Linux. The team did specify that they look forward to hitting the consoles in the near future. Be sure to check out Goliath’s official site for more updates on the title.

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