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SuperNova players feel refreshed with game E3 2015

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Supernova is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that GamerFitNation got the chance to play while we were at E3 2015. The game takes place in a sci-fi environment, and requires players to be on their toes at all times. While at the show, GamerFitNation got the chance to talk to Jason Schaefer producer on the game. He talks a lot about what players are currently saying in the alpha, as well as discussing the what the goals are with the game going forward. I’m not one to play MOBAs, but I can say that this title really gained my interest with its attention to detail and very smooth User interface.

The game is very team based as you would assume and having a good rapport and communication between teammates will be key in you achieving success. The game will have a closed beta phase which Schaefer talks about in his discussion of player feedback.Supernova seems to be shaping up really nicely, and before you all know it, it will hopefully be in our hands!

Watch the video posted above for your viewing pleasure. Supernova is currently in alpha stages with closed beta testing to start at a later date. To learn more about Supernova, check it out here.


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