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sonic burger

Fast Food Battle: The Health Strategy Guide

by GamerFitnationon June 1, 2015
Let’s face it. Fast food tastes great even if it’s horrible for you. Although I strongly encourage you to join in on the fight against fast food, they happen to be on every corner of every street – there’s almost no escaping them. It’s like your very own PvE experience, and it can be pretty […]
Fresh Home Made Yogurt from the Yolife Yogurt Maker

Yogurt: Health Benefits, Alternatives, and Meals

by GamerFitnationon June 4, 2014
By Kyle Swain As an easy snack or part of the meal on the go, yogurt is a great addition to any diet for overall health Yogurt’s Nutrition Profile Websites such as Dannon show what is contained in their yogurt Yogurt comes in a wide variety of types, from nonfat to full fat.  We recommend […]

Healthy Soda

Healthy Soda Drinks and Healthy Soda Alternatives

by GamerFitnationon June 3, 2014
by Kyle Swain   Healthy Soda Drinks: Lets Explore Some Options  Soda, while a staple for many gamers, has many drawbacks to your personal health. We at GamerFitNation are going to fill you in on some of its dangers as well as healthy soda alternatives that can help you to keep your fitness goals on […]