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AP vs The Interview: Deadpool’s Stefan Kapicic

by Antwand Pearmanon May 8, 2016
Holy Crap It’s Colossus I mean Actor Stefan Kapicic Episode 4: In this Antwand Pearman vs The Interview Antwand Pearman speaks with Deadpool’s Stefan Kapicic who plays Colossus in the film. Yes, Stefan Kapicic the man who was once killed by Jack Bauer, and had a film career that goes way beyond awesome. Still as […]

The Last Guardian Accidentally Put Up On PSN

by GamerFitnationon February 13, 2014
By: Michael Arrietta While browsing the PSN Store for games, the last thing you might expect is to see The Last Guardian, the game that’s development has been under question for years. The game, developed by Team Ico and distributed by Sony Online Entertainment, is being designed and direct by Fumito Ueda, famous for his […]