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Breckin Meyer Interviewed by GamerFit’s Antwand Pearman

by Aaron Beckeron November 20, 2015
Breckin Meyer gets interviewed by GamerFit’s Antwand Pearman at NY Comic Con 2015 Antwand asks Breckin Meyer several questions regarding Robot Chicken’s upcoming DC special.  In the interview Breckin states that he never wants his Star Wars experience spoiled for him.  Whenever he goes to see the latest episode, he wants to check it out […]
Hitman Sniper 1

Hitman: Sniper First Impressions at NYCC 2014

by Zachary Bridgeon October 14, 2014
Square Enix showed off Hitman: Sniper at New York Comic Con this weekend. Hitman: Sniper is a mobile game. The objective is to rack up as many points as possible before taking out the mission’s primary target. The game features stealth aspects, interactive environments, and leaderboards. Gameplay Right now, Hitman: Sniper has only one level, Montenegro. […]


Nintendo Teases Special Surprises For Smash Bros

by GamerFitnationon July 21, 2014
Speaking from the Super Smash Bros Facebook page Nintendo teased some new surprises from them at Comic-Con this year. It has already been announced that Nintendo is intending to host the first ever 3DS Smash Bros tournament at Comic-Con, but as the world’s biggest convention comes near Nintendo puts this out on their Smash Bros […]
Toy Hunter

The Toy Hunter @NYCC ’13 Interview

by Matthew Van Dykeon November 6, 2013
GamerFitNation Captures the Toy Hunter Guess who we found trekking through the wilds of Comic Con this year, selling his wares from around the globe? That’s right! Jordan Hembrough – Toy Hunter. It took a bit of planning, but he eventually fell prey to our well laid trap of an interview. The trick was to […]


Voice of Batman in Arkham Origins – Interview @GamerFitnation

by Matthew Van Dykeon October 21, 2013
A while ago, GamerFitnation was able to get hold of Roger Smith over Skype, when he was revealed as Ripslinger in Disney’s Planes. His melodious voice soothed our ears, as we asked him about his role and work in voice acting. We were ecstatic when we learned that the same guy who voices Captain America, […]