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Easter Eggs That Gave Shout Outs to Other Video Games

by Tamika Moultrieon April 7, 2014
Getting dressed up, raiding Easter baskets for candy and painting eggs sounds just right this month, but a theme we get to share every month is the humor of Easter eggs in video games. Competition is strong in the industry, but when a game gives a shout out to another, it seems humbling, especially if […]

New Features Come To Dead Island Riptide

by Alfredoon April 5, 2013
GamerFitNation’s Antwand “BlackBible” Pearman met up with Sebastion Reichert, Creator and Producer of hit game, Dead Island Riptide. In this interview they talk about what Reichert calls a sort of “spin-off to Dead Island Riptide.” Reichert also mentions some of the features from Dead Island Riptide which includes new gameplay changes and the key changes they’ve made […]

The 5 Categories of Enemies in Gaming

by ZackCon February 22, 2012
Video game enemies have become standardized.  The way that I see it, there are really only 5 types of enemies.  I am not talking about the enemies motivation,  I am talking about bandits, robots, or lions.  To make their games different, game designers simply take one of the 5 types of enemies, and give it a […]