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Give Your Systems Personality With These Decals

by Jen Galikon August 24, 2015
Every gamer is different. It is important, as well as fun, for everyone to be able to express themselves through what they wear, own, etc. One cool thing gamers can do is customize their gaming systems and controllers with decals catered to their own likes. Here are a few sites and shops that go above […]
Kustom Kontrollerz

Kustom Kontrollerz “Customize to the Fullest Extent”

by Jen Galikon July 18, 2015
Let’s face it, a lot of standard video game controllers can be kind of bland. Even if they are sleek, they’re still the same device that just about everyone else is getting. Maybe you’ve got a great idea for a  design that you would love to have on your controller, but alas, you do not […]