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House of Wolves Thoughts: No Raid, No way

Recently, it was announced that Destiny will be releasing their newest DLC House of wolves. House of Wolves which features new single player missions, as well as multiplayer modes to help bring content to a game that really needs it. Destiny players have been longing for something more to continue their endgame activities and they […]

Celebrate the Holidays with Just Dance 2014

by Soraya Perezon December 19, 2013
Just Dance 2014, the popular motion control-based dancing game for consoles, celebrates the holidays with new download tracks. On Dec. 16, Ubisoft announced the latest batch of DLC songs for Just Dance 2014 that became available on Dec. 17 on all current and next-gen gaming systems. Each song costs $2.99  song and another $1.99 for alternate […]

The Timeliness of DLC

by ZackCon October 27, 2013
The Timeliness of DLC When a big AAA video game comes out, developers frequently have ideas for what they want to do with Downloadable Content. This means that when the game releases, developers are already working on creating some Downloadable Content, but the question of when the DLC will be released to the public has […]

The DLC Season Pass

by ZackCon July 30, 2013
Many games that have planned downloadable content (DLC), such as Halo or Call of Duty, offer players a season pass. This pass is a bundle of some of the game’s DLC offered at a reduced price before all of the DLC is released. The developer can continue to work on the DLC knowing they have some time to […]

E3 2013: Borderlands 2 Interview Dungeons and Dragons Meets Tiny Tina, Uh Oh

Tomorrow will mark the launch of the fourth DLC for Gearbox Software’s hit title Borderlands 2. The game which released last fall has seen a steady pace of downloadable content (dlc) coming to it with new characters and levels. There have been many new characters that fans of the franchise have gotten to enjoy with […]