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Fast Food Battle: The Health Strategy Guide

by GamerFitnationon June 1, 2015
Let’s face it. Fast food tastes great even if it’s horrible for you. Although I strongly encourage you to join in on the fight against fast food, they happen to be on every corner of every street – there’s almost no escaping them. It’s like your very own PvE experience, and it can be pretty […]

Fast Food and Nutrition Do Not Mix!

(Dominos Fast Food and some of their “Nutritional” content) Hey everyone, here is a tri-weekly article series starting up and continuing onward hopefully forever (well, as long as there are fast food chains and restaurants) and depending on how many fast food companies I can find to focus on and foods I choose to look […]


7 Tips for Fast Food Survival

by Brittanyfon September 16, 2011
We don't actually want you to eat fast food. It's terrible for you. It makes you fat. It destabilizes economies and nations. It kills the environment. Read Fast Food Nation. See Super Size Me. If you're really serious about getting or staying in shape, fast food restaurants are not on your path to success.