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Fruit: to Drink or to Eat?

by Stefani Pappason February 9, 2014
You’re drinking a whole glass of orange juice with breakfast every morning and think that you are starting your day on a healthy note. Well, think again. Although fruit juice can be very convenient, a real piece of fruit is the healthier option. The juicing process destroys several of the beneficial compounds found in fruit, […]

Defeating Diet Downfalls

by Stefani Pappason August 24, 2013
Restrictive diets lack necessary nutrients, leaving you feeling weak, sluggish and starving. What you need are strategies that target your biggest diet downfalls, allowing you to slim down in a safe and healthy manner. Here are some solutions to common dieting challenges. Does all your willpower seem to vanish when the bread-basket appears in front […]

Vegan Winter Berry Pancakes

by Stefani Pappason March 13, 2013
This is one of my favorite pancake recipes, and people are always blown away that they are 100% vegan! The whole-wheat flour adds extra fiber, the almond milk is a healthy low-calorie alternative to regular dairy milk, and the berries provide great antioxidant benefits. These hardy pancakes are less than 100 calories each and are […]

2 New Cereals You should Give a chance

Hey Gamers, I'm a cereal junkie. I'll eat anything from lucky charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, to Trix etc... Now new cereals come and go without many people even getting a chance to pick it up and taste it!