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Chia Seed: The Seedy Superfood

by GeeLWon December 9, 2014
For many people trying to live healthier lifestyles, superfoods are all the rage. With studies showing these foods helpful in assorted things — from weight loss to helping regulate blood pressure — more and more people are discovering healthier meal options that don’t cost a fortune. Chia seed is gaining popularity in America as an excellent […]

Thinking Thin on Thanksgiving

by Stefani Pappason November 16, 2013
Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks and reuniting with our loved ones. However, Thanksgiving is also a very food-focused occasion, which can make it tough to keep your health a priority. Learning how to eat strategically and plan ahead for Thanksgiving can leave you with a greater appreciation of the holiday and an overall […]

The End of Self-Sabotage

by Stefani Pappason November 1, 2013
You have sworn off ice cream sundaes, you have been hitting the gym like an animal, and your fridge looks like a perfect nutrition catalog, but you can’t seem to lose a pound. Does this sound like you? You would be very surprised that even some so-called “healthy” habits can actually be hindering your weight […]

Why Am I So Hungry? The Science Behind Hunger and Cravings

by Stefani Pappason June 18, 2013
It’s 6pm and you just got out of the office. You are driving home and all you can think about is how hungry you are. You come home and dive headfirst into the pantry. We’ve all been there, that moment when you feel so ravenous that you would eat anything in sight. Better hope that […]

A healthier breakfast – 6 options to help you start your day better

by ktagilberton January 4, 2013
I have many friends who say they are never hungry in the morning or just don’t like breakfast. Truth be told, I used to be one of them. After hearing that breakfast is important and good for you a hundred times though, I gave into the craze. I picked up my spoon, grabbed a bowl […]