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Fast Food Battle: The Health Strategy Guide

by GamerFitnationon June 1, 2015
Let’s face it. Fast food tastes great even if it’s horrible for you. Although I strongly encourage you to join in on the fight against fast food, they happen to be on every corner of every street – there’s almost no escaping them. It’s like your very own PvE experience, and it can be pretty […]

Are You Nuts About Video Games?

by GamerFitnationon May 28, 2015
  Did you know you can improve your gameplay without spending hours and hours on practice? Here are 5 types of healthy nuts that can help your gaming skills. Almonds – The Blue Buff Most video gamers can agree that gaming can be an energy drainer. Gamers tend to stay up playing video games all […]

Belly Fat, Bowser Belly Fat, Belly Fat,

Boss Battle: Beat the Bowser Belly Fat

by Jen Galikon April 2, 2015
Boss battles are a killer part of video games and a killer part of our own lives. In this first part of a Boss Battles series, we will give you advice on how to fight the villains challenging your own body so you can get GamerFit! To start, we are going to give you some […]

Healthy, Romantic Treats for Your Special Someone

by Jen Galikon February 16, 2015
Very rarely will you come across a wrong time of year for some healthy romantic treats. Food has a unique way of bringing loved ones together. It does not matter whether these foods were purchased, baked yourself or crafted together with the one you love. What can make these delightful, love-filled delicacies even better is […]

Healthy holiday treat

Healthy Holiday Treat! Skinny Cranberry Bliss Bar

by GamerFitnationon December 24, 2014
The holidays are a time to gather together with family and friends to enjoy exchanging love, presents and (most importantly to this article) food. There are tons of delicious holiday goodies out there for loved ones to enjoy together, and at times it can be easy to indulge in eating as much as your stomach […]