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Fruit: to Drink or to Eat?

by Stefani Pappason February 9, 2014
You’re drinking a whole glass of orange juice with breakfast every morning and think that you are starting your day on a healthy note. Well, think again. Although fruit juice can be very convenient, a real piece of fruit is the healthier option. The juicing process destroys several of the beneficial compounds found in fruit, […]

Glowing Summer Skin

by Stefani Pappason July 4, 2013
We all want clear, youthful, and glowing skin. Just walk down the skin care aisle of your local drug store and you’ll find countless products that claim that they are miracle treatments. However, most of these products are laden with chemicals that actually suffocate your skin. Eating and utilizing the right foods can have you […]

Home Cooking Inspiration the Gamer Fit Way

by ktagilberton March 28, 2013
Eating healthy food is one of the hardest components of losing weight, but there is a way to enjoy the process without giving up the love of a hardy breakfast or decadent homemade dinner. As long as you can skip the butter and excess carbs/sugar, you are home free to continue enjoying your iron chef […]


by Brittanyfon November 26, 2011
This is something that we all need. When your kids start to mope around the house and are always tired, its time to check their diet. They may have been eating junk food and it just sucked the energy out of them.

Suggestion Sundays: Farmer’s Market

by Brittanyfon July 10, 2011
On my way home today, I passed by the festival plaza and I saw the sign for Farmer’s Market. I have not been to our yet this summer, but I will go this week.