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Running For Beginners For The Fit Gamer- #SiAlfredoRun

by Alfredoon January 10, 2014
Running for beginners will give you all the info you need to know in getting started When I first started running I was overweight and wasn’t in the habit of doing much exercise. I remember going to my dad and his friends for advice because they’re all experience runners of nearly 30 years. The tips […]
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Gamer Fit Tips With Kandiss Marie

by Antwand Pearmanon November 3, 2013
Credits: Interviewer: Taji “DaDean” Morris Sound/Lighting: Antwand Pearman Producer:Antwand Pearman/ Adonis Harris Gamer Fit QuickTips Kandiss Marie As a part of Gamer Fit Nation’s new initiative Kandiss Marie shares a Be Gamer Fit Quick Tip on how to be a healthier Gamer. As a professional model Marie finds that running 3 to 4 miles a day is […]


Wii Fit U Aims to Get Gamers GamerFit!

by Alfredoon October 10, 2013
Wii Fit U is Nintendo’s latest initiative designed to connect gamers to a healthier lifestyle.. With Wii Fit U, gamers will be able to take part in a healthier lifestyle by keeping track of both indoor and outdoor activities with the help of the Fit Meter. Wii Fit U also suggests meals based on your […]

Tips for Starting a GamerFit Lifestyle

by Alfredoon August 30, 2013
To be GamerFit is to live a healthy lifestyle while still being a gamer. A lot of people find it hard to make a connection between living a healthy lifestyle and being a gamer, as if it were something truly impossible. But when you consider that 80% of what you eat dictates your health, how […]


An Early look at Red Bull Crashed Ice (Kinect)

by Taji Deanon December 5, 2012
Red Bull Crashed Ice (Kinect) Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect Publisher: Microsoft Studios Developer: Bongfish Console: Xbox 360 Kinect Genre: Racing, Flying, Extreme Sports  Release: November 30th, 2012  Price: 400 MP, $5 Gamer Fit Nation had to chance to get an early look at Kinect’s new XBLA title, Red Bull Crashed Ice. If you’re not familiar with Red Bull’s Crashed Ice […]