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DomiNations Challenges Players to Lead Their Own Civilization

by Janel Martinezon April 7, 2015
Tim Train of Big Huge Games gives GamerFitnation a demo of mobile game DomiNations, which was released on April 2. Now available for free in App Store, Amazon and Google Play.

Hot Gals of Games, Black History Edition

by GeeLWon February 11, 2015
This was initially going to be a simple feature on the hottest female characters in gaming, but as I was compiling a list, I saw that despite there being a number of ladies in their own games, digital females of color were in the minority (pun intended). It just so happens to be Black History […]

A50 USB TX Transmitter Review

by Zachary Bridgeon September 25, 2014
The A50 USB TX is an accessory to the Astro A50 Wireless Gaming System. Currently in a beta period, the adapter is specifically meant for PC gamers using the A50 Wireless Gaming System. What is the A50 USB TX? The A50 USB TX is a USB-powered transmitter that pairs with the A50 Wireless Gaming System. […]

Gaming and Education Join Forces

by Soraya Perezon March 10, 2014
Since video games were first created, they have been blamed for consumers’ bad, antisocial and, many times, violent behavior. This behavior could have been influenced by the “little machines” or maybe they were an easy scapegoat. But are video games only associated with aggressive and antisocial attitudes? Don’t they have any good things to offer? […]

Male Gamers Have Issues with Hygiene According to Survey

by Zachary Bridgeon January 27, 2014
The stereotype of gamers not paying attention to their hygiene took attention to GamerFitNation when the staff experienced it firsthand at events that gamers attended and smelled bad body odor. To see if there was a common pattern among gamers, for over a year GamerFitNation conducted a survey among the gaming community to see if […]