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The Fit Gamer Girls Holiday Gift Guide

by Antwand Pearmanon December 24, 2013
Holiday Gifts That Will Get Your Gamer Girl Under The Mistletoe #5 Coffee and Tea Buy Coffee Here Name one gamer girl who doesn’t go to Starbucks or any local cafe to get their coffee or tea fix. -Pumpkin spice Price:  $6.80 – $11.80 /lb -Maple Bacon Smoked Coffee Buy Tea Here -Maple Bacon Chai […]

Tips for Starting a GamerFit Lifestyle

by Alfredoon August 30, 2013
To be GamerFit is to live a healthy lifestyle while still being a gamer. A lot of people find it hard to make a connection between living a healthy lifestyle and being a gamer, as if it were something truly impossible. But when you consider that 80% of what you eat dictates your health, how […]

Stefani’s Healthy Granola

by Stefani Pappason June 17, 2013
Making your own granola at home can be really easy and affordable. This recipe has no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors like most store-bought brands. The recipe contains almonds, olive oil and egg white, which are healthy sources of fat and protein. Sprinkle this granola on low-fat greek yogurt for a quick and delicious snack! […]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

by Maria Del Mar Mejiason November 6, 2012
It’s always good to know a thing or two about how to eat well when you’re preparing a meal or if you choose to eat out. Choosing good nutrition is a priority in order to live out a healthy lifestyle. Knowing some basic information is key; for example, knowing what a calorie is and how […]

Snacking Made Simple and Healthy

by Amy Finnon August 21, 2012
I don’t know about you, but I love snacking. Sometimes, I have a smaller dinner just so that I can snack in the evening. I’m just as guilty as anyone about unhealthy treats too. My biggest weaknesses are chips and dips. I could eat Wavy Lay’s and cream cheese with pineapple dip every day for lunch; […]