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Healthy, Romantic Treats for Your Special Someone

by Jen Galikon February 16, 2015
Very rarely will you come across a wrong time of year for some healthy romantic treats. Food has a unique way of bringing loved ones together. It does not matter whether these foods were purchased, baked yourself or crafted together with the one you love. What can make these delightful, love-filled delicacies even better is […]
Healthy holiday treat

Healthy Holiday Treat! Skinny Cranberry Bliss Bar

by GamerFitnationon December 24, 2014
The holidays are a time to gather together with family and friends to enjoy exchanging love, presents and (most importantly to this article) food. There are tons of delicious holiday goodies out there for loved ones to enjoy together, and at times it can be easy to indulge in eating as much as your stomach […]

Kale (1)

Kale: The Wonder Veggie!

by GamerFitnationon October 9, 2014
Kale is a green health machine! It is a superfood that has been around forever. Many people have an aversion to kale, but I am a firm believer that they just haven’t found the right way to cook it.  Let’s go over some of its benefits. Kale Has Protein! A single cup of kale has almost […]
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Avocado Is Keeping You Healthy

by GamerFitnationon October 2, 2014
Avocado is the one of the most beneficial fruits for your body.  Yes, avocado is a fruit.  It has a singular seed, but it is still a seed.  When compared to other fruits, avocado ranks pretty highly. It has potassium than bananas and more protein than raspberries.  The avocado has some amazing benefits. Avocados Promote Nutrient […]


Honey: A Healthy Winter Staple

by GamerFitnationon September 26, 2014
Winter is coming. So are the colds and other ailments of the frigid weather.  A pantry and medicine cabinet stocked with winter must-haves is crucial for this upcoming time of snow and ice. One thing that may be overlooked, or not stocked at all,  is honey. We’re here to tell you all about honey and […]