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Goliath Answers to the “Don’t Starve Copy” Criticism – E3 2015

by Tamika Moultrieon June 22, 2015
Goliath, the new indie title from Whalebox Studio has finally shown off the more of the goods and shut everyone up, since it caught buzz from its initial teaser trailer before E3 2015. Why the shut up part ? Well after Encore revealed a pre-E3 trailer of Goliath, many video game critics coined the new strategy […]

Six Indie Games for Your Mind Workout

by GeeLWon April 3, 2015
While it’s important to be fit and have a healthy body, neglecting your brain’s need for stimulation just makes you a pure muscle-head at the end of the day. While there are plenty of non-digital means to stretch your mind, there are a number of great indie games that get you to think about them […]

Mad Dan: the New Mobile Game by Spain’s Etorki Games

by Soraya Perezon January 6, 2014
GamerFitNation has the pleasure to present Mad Dan, the new mobile game created by Etorki, a Spanish indie gaming company. The creators, Ion Ocasar, Pablo Ocasar and Alexander Camarero, are the founders of Etorki Games. Mad Dan is an arcade game and could perfectly fit in the tower defense sub-group of games. It’s protagonist is Dan, […]

The State of Annual Franchises – Is it Harming Innovation ?

by Christopher Greenanon June 2, 2013
Annually-released franchises, love them or hate them, always make good money for their creators. With every new year, gamers can expect  franchises such as Madden, Call of Duty, FIFA, and even Assassin’s Creed to release a new game for the masses. There’s nothing wrong it with from  a business standpoint; the games sell well every […]

Play for Free at Boston Festival of Indie Games

by Amy Finnon September 20, 2012
According to a recent press release, the Boston Festival of Indie Games is scheduled for September 22 at MIT. The Festival is a celebration of independent game development of all different media and genres and will be free and open to the public. All guests will be invited to vote on game showcase entries. The […]