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AP vs The Interview: Daredevil’s Stephen Rider

by Antwand Pearmanon April 15, 2016
Antwand Pearman vs The Interview: Daredevil’s Stephen Rider Episode 2: Daredevil Actor Stephen Rider sits down with Antwand Pearman to discuss his role Daredevil season 2. It’s a story about a blind lawyer who beats up bad guys until a total badass comes and steals all his thunder. After Foggy Nelson’s finished, you get to […]

Marvel Comics Interview At NYC Comic Con 2015

by JoJo Brazellon November 24, 2015
Ant-Man And Wasp? Black Panther Date Moved Closer? And The Future Of Marvel Games!?   GamerFitnation’s Antwand Pearman interviews Bill Rosemann (right) and Mike Jones (left) of Marvel Comics about their plans for their upcoming games at New York Comic Con 2015. Starting out the interview Rosemann was happy to announce that Marvel Cinematics will be making […]

Lego Marvel Avengers Game Director Interview At NYC Comic Con 2015

by JoJo Brazellon November 20, 2015
Lego Marvel Avengers With Over 200 Characters! GamerFitnation’s Antwand Pearman interviews Arthur Parsons, the game director for Lego Marvel Avengers, at New York Comic Con 2015. Parsons was excited to announce that there will be over 200 characters from the Marvel universe in Lego Marvel Avengers! However when asked if the one and only Deadpool will pop […]

Marvel’s Ant-Man is in the System!

by Jen Galikon July 16, 2015
Marvel is going to bring a new, tiny, hero to you on the big screen in just a couple of days. Ant-Man is the action packed story of a con-man, named Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd), who must turn hero in order to protect the invention of his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym (played by […]

Sam Humphries Talks Marvel at NYCC

by Jen Galikon February 19, 2015
Just about everyone knows Marvel is one of the biggest contenders in the world of comics. These incredible works of art would not be possible without the creative minds of the artists and writers who put their lives’ work into the pages. Sam Humphries is one of those amazing people who spends his time bringing the characters […]