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Brain Game Training to Maintain Mental Health

by Zachary Bridgeon January 26, 2014
Recent research published by Nature suggests that playing brain games can help maintain mental acuity as the brain ages. Researchers learned that the older players were less capable of multitasking than younger players when playing a game called NeuroRacer that was designed specifically to test a player’s multitasking abilities. However, after practicing the game, even […]

Finding Balance Between Gaming and Family

by John Tsentouroson February 6, 2012
For as long as I can remember, gaming has always been one of my greatest passions in life.  For a time, there was nothing I enjoyed more than to curl up in my favorite couch or chair, fire up the TV and turn on the game I was playing.  No matter what else was happening […]


Boy stabs great-grandmother to death over computer games

by Antwand Pearmanon August 16, 2011
A 14-year-old boy is in custody after using a sword to stab his 77-year-old great-grandmother to death and injure his grandmother, police say. Family members suggested the suspect, who also allegedly wounded his grandmother in the arm, had been angered by being told to stop playing computer games, according to CBS Atlanta. Authorities in Douglasville, Georgia, had to taser the boy in order to a...

Footprints On Our Hearts

by Brittanyfon February 22, 2011
Have you left a footprint on someone’s heart?

Mental Health: Welcome to the new GamerFitNation

by edwardon January 31, 2011
Hello fellow GamerFitNation viewers, welcome to the all new If you are new to GamerFitNation, I am going to take this time to give  a brief description about what I do here. My purpose and mission statement is to bring to you the viewer the most comprehensive understanding behind the mental aspects of gaming. […]