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Give Your Systems Personality With These Decals

by Jen Galikon August 24, 2015
Every gamer is different. It is important, as well as fun, for everyone to be able to express themselves through what they wear, own, etc. One cool thing gamers can do is customize their gaming systems and controllers with decals catered to their own likes. Here are a few sites and shops that go above […]
Banjo and Conker

Conker and Banjo Could Bring Bank for Nintendo (Part 2)

by Jen Galikon August 14, 2015
A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at the history of Banjo and Conker, two iconic characters who used to be a part of Nintendo through Rare. Now that we know who these beloved creatures are and the impact they had on gamers, we can now move onto look at how both Banjo […]

E3 2015

So What Was the Best of E3 2015?

by Jen Galikon June 30, 2015
The big E3 2015 conference may be over, but there are still plenty of sites highlighting their videos and articles from the conference. Some articles cover smaller games and projects, while others tackle the big announcements made over the course of the conference. Most of the presenters had some pretty big news to share, and […]

Microsoft E3 2015: GFN Reacts

by Jen Galikon June 19, 2015
Press conferences are a major part of the E3 experience. Game companies and developers get a chance to try to take hold of as much spotlight they can in order to get the fans as hyped as possible for what they have in store for the next year in gaming. During the past couple of E3 […]


Xbox Finally Releases in China

by GamerFitnationon September 30, 2014
Update Article! Yesterday was a huge day for Chinese gamers. Xbox One was released in China after the original release date of September 23 was pushed back.  This is the first console sold legally in China since the console ban enacted in 2000.  Xbox One was sold in thirty-seven cities, with the store count at over 4,000. The Shanghai skyline was […]