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The Music of Grand Theft Auto V: Rock Your House in December

by GeeLWon November 11, 2014
If you’re a longtime GTA player, then you know Rockstar has produced incredible soundtracks for their games featuring many classic-to-current tracks from major artists. For the upcoming release of GTA V on next-gen and PC, Rockstar Games and Mass Appeal are teaming up to put out two super-limited edition CD and LP box sets called […]
Rocksmith 2014

Rocksmith 2014 Released

by Matthew Van Dykeon October 27, 2013
We’ve covered Rocksmith 2014 many times here at GamerFitNation, following it for the last few months as it approached completion. As of October 22, 2013, we can all go out and purchase this awesome tool for learning guitar. Start on our quest for fame, fortune, and epic skills. A quick summary of the game to […]


Video Games With The Best Music [Part 1]

by Alfredoon August 4, 2013
Music has the power to make us feel part of the video games we play. A simple track can make all the difference in your momentum – just trying playing a boss level without music, you’ll see what I mean. Since the early days of gaming, music has been a crucial element in the overall […]

Music in Video Games

by ZackCon August 31, 2012
For developers, the inclusion of music into video games is very important. It is similar to that of music in a movie; the music is there to set a mood. There are several ways to include music into a video game. The most well known way is to have the music playing the whole time, […]


Tunes Can Tune Up Your Health

by Alfredoon August 30, 2012
Music or tunes have a way of making people go through all kinds of emotions, it helps people live in the moment and experience by way of sound. Not only does music help us experience emotions and live in the moment, it simply helps us live.  According to researchers at the University of Maryland’s School […]