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Breckin Meyer Interviewed by GamerFit’s Antwand Pearman

by Aaron Beckeron November 20, 2015
Breckin Meyer gets interviewed by GamerFit’s Antwand Pearman at NY Comic Con 2015 Antwand asks Breckin Meyer several questions regarding Robot Chicken’s upcoming DC special.  In the interview Breckin states that he never wants his Star Wars experience spoiled for him.  Whenever he goes to see the latest episode, he wants to check it out […]

Tom Root and Tom Sheppard of Robot Chicken Interview

by Aaron Beckeron November 20, 2015
Tom Root and Tom Sheppard, of Robot Chicken, Interviewed by Antwand Antwand Pearson, CEO of GamerFitnation, interviewed Robot Chicken’s Tom Sheppard and Tom Root on their upcoming “Magical Friendship” DC Comics special. The series will be focusing on the relationship between Batman and Superman.  Essentially its a twisted love story with a lot of conflict, […]

Neon Joe Interview with Arthur Parsons NYC Comic Con 2015

by Aaron Beckeron November 18, 2015
Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter Gamer Fitnation’s Antwand Pearman interviews Arthur Parson about his new show Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter at New York Comic Con 2015. Parson’s gives us all the juicy details about Neon Joe and how it  came to be and why Adult Swim was the best network for it. Parson stated that the […]