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Give Your Systems Personality With These Decals

by Jen Galikon August 24, 2015
Every gamer is different. It is important, as well as fun, for everyone to be able to express themselves through what they wear, own, etc. One cool thing gamers can do is customize their gaming systems and controllers with decals catered to their own likes. Here are a few sites and shops that go above […]
Banjo and Conker

Conker and Banjo Could Bring Bank for Nintendo (Part 2)

by Jen Galikon August 14, 2015
A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at the history of Banjo and Conker, two iconic characters who used to be a part of Nintendo through Rare. Now that we know who these beloved creatures are and the impact they had on gamers, we can now move onto look at how both Banjo […]


Amiibo Shortage is Spiking Once Again

by Jen Galikon August 14, 2015
On August 8th, the Retro Amiibo pack, featuring the Duck Hunt Duo, R.O.B., and Game & Watch, went up for pre-order at GameStop stores nationwide. Once again, many gamers are outraged at the selling tactics of Amiibo by Nintendo. The set is a GameStop exclusive, has limited quantities, and is currently the only way (outside […]
Conker and Banjo

Conker and Banjo Could Bring Bank for Nintendo (Part 1)

by Jen Galikon August 3, 2015
While Nintendo is steadily starting to release more titles, they are still falling a bit short of the expectations of many. Despite how wel-loved many of their franchises are, sometimes it feels like it may not be enough to keep everyone happy. It may not be a sinking ship, but Nintendo could use a hero […]

How intense will you make your levels?

Most Anticipated Nintendo Exclusive Games of the Year

by Jen Galikon August 3, 2015
Since we’ve already presented you with the best Nintendo exclusive titles out this year so far, we figured we would throw some of the most anticipated Nintendo exclusive games that are still coming this year. Some of these games have had some hype for months, while others came completely out of the blue to take […]