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Create and Remix Tunes in Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved – #NYCC2014 Interview

Recently, GamerFitNation spoke with Nick Chester of Harmonix on the latest and what appears to be the greatest music game to date. Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved is a game that gives players the opportunity to take control of whatever song they choose and mix it to their heart’s desires. A chance to be a real life […]

Voice of Batman in Arkham Origins – Interview @GamerFitnation

by Matthew Van Dykeon October 21, 2013
A while ago, GamerFitnation was able to get hold of Roger Smith over Skype, when he was revealed as Ripslinger in Disney’s Planes. His melodious voice soothed our ears, as we asked him about his role and work in voice acting. We were ecstatic when we learned that the same guy who voices Captain America, […]


Shoot Many Robots Interview with Josh Glavine at NYCC 11′

GamerFitNation's Gregory laporte crawls out from behind his webcam and interviews Josh Glavine senior designer on Shoot Many Robots.

GamerFitNation’s Hottest Articles Of The Week

Welcome back to our October 16th editions of our Hottest articles of the week. Now we know its Comic Con this week so stay tuned to all the of the coverage that we will have for you in the coming days. There will be a ton of stuff coming so stay tuned for that.