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Give Your Systems Personality With These Decals

by Jen Galikon August 24, 2015
Every gamer is different. It is important, as well as fun, for everyone to be able to express themselves through what they wear, own, etc. One cool thing gamers can do is customize their gaming systems and controllers with decals catered to their own likes. Here are a few sites and shops that go above […]

Why is the Nintendo 3DS Doing Better than the PS Vita?

by GamerFitnationon August 2, 2015
The Nintendo 3DS is not a very powerful handheld system. The PS Vita has a screen that can do up to 1080i, and can conveniently charge with the USB charger used for the PlayStation 4 controller. So why does the Nintendo 3DS have more consoles sold compared to the PS Vita? The games. It’s so […]

Lost Dimension

Lost Dimension a Traitorous Twist on Tactics

by Jen Galikon March 20, 2015
Tactical role-playing games are almost always a true treat for gamers. These titles usually boast beautiful graphics, compelling characters and storylines that fully pull the player in. There is just something about having multiple characters to play as who you can trust to help carry the weight of the team. Playing with these characters, you […]
danganronpa 3

Danganronpa 3 Developing More Despair

by Jen Galikon March 5, 2015
  Last week we talked about the upcoming United States release of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. Now, Spike Chunsoft, the developer of the Danganronpa franchise, has told gamers that Danganronpa 3 is in its very early stages of planning and development. This is great news for anyone who has fallen in love with […]

Danganronpa Another Episode

Danganronpa Another Episode Storms West

by Jen Galikon February 26, 2015
Danganronpa is a murder-mystery franchise for the PlayStation Vita that has been gaining rapid popularity in the United States. The series’ latest release, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, will be coming here shortly. The first two Danganronpa titles featured you playing a main character stuck in a location with other young characters. You were […]